If we can't get in the water for the moment we might as well watch someone else. Here are some of the videos listed on one page for easier access. Some are better than others and the quality varies, but it's hard to argue the quality time we have down here. Need high-speed access for sure. 

Have fun & go fishing when you can. 

April 2OO8  (8:48 minutes)  [ YouTube alternative ]

Snippets from March...lots of big trout splashing goin' on. 

9-11-07   (5:47 minutes) 

Good stuff from Fall '07. 

FTU_Feb2007 (2:30 minutes)

The Fishing Tackle Unlimited folks (Joe & Norma Meyer along with head Pro-Staffer Ron Shepherd) having some Mansfield Winter fun on solid fish. 

Cody & Renee.Wmv  (9.86 megs)

Cody Maddox & Renee get into some brutal over-sized reds on topwaters. August 21 06

  Get Some (3:44 mnutes)  More good winter trout stuff...

Vincent_Trey (10.9 megs)  August 10 06

Vincent Giammalva and Trey Magee enjoy some shallow reds on a deserted shoreline.

32.wmv  (22.6 megs) 

For a deep summer trout, a 32 incher isn't too bad.

John Kafka  (15.3 megs)

John Kafka and crew chunking topwaters into some Spring trout.  Admittedly, John kicked every body's butt, including me and his boys.  April 22 06

HomingaFlinga.wmv (13.59 megs)

Richie Hominga puts his rod to work. April 19 06


You don't want to know where the name came from. 

JohnnyMiss.wmv (7.71 megs)

Ya' gotta land what you hook. Johnny misses a good one. 

Cow Carp.wmv  (22.1 megs - March 20 06) 

Richie Hominga & Richard Holmes on some good reds from the boat. "I backlashed"  was the minor theme with some major mileage. 

FightIt.wmv  (25 megs)

The Nagy brothers on another adventure. 

RussellWebb.wmv     (23 megs)

Russell getting blow-ups down south. 

WhiteSox (11.8 megs) April 7 06 

John Barber & his dad sight casting to some back lake reds. 

McNiel/Branch.wmv (18 megs) Feb 25 06

Matt McNiel sticks some good trout tight to the shoreline on floating Corkies. 

J.D. Whitley 02_13_06.wmv  (3:55 minutes) 

Mike & J.D. throwing Corkies in the late afternoon...great trout.

Beasty.wmv (16.2 megs) Feb 12 06

Mike & Ken Lutschg get into some big winter trout on Corkies. 

Beastier.wmv (11.1 megs) Feb 12 06

Mike & Ken again. Never got a weight on her...released. 

Oberski28.wmv   (2.2megs)

Big Mike Oberski sight casts a 28" trout up in the clear sand. 

Donne29.wmv  (11.8 megs)  April 26 06 

Donnie releasing a 29...

BListers2 (32 megs) Jan 28 06  [YouTube alternative ]

The "B" Team walks into some big winter fish. 

BListers1 (32 megs) Jan 27 06

"B" Team does well despite themselves. 

Todd 2 5.27

Todd Rice with a personal best...More good February stuff. 

Sandford_June.wmv (12.6 megs) June 6 06

Tricia & Mike tag team the Charles Sanford party. "Everybody hooked up"

Nother Day ( 31.9 megs)

 Tricia, Mike & JD on a personal day... Jan 23 06 


Baron2  (26 megs)

Baron Unbehagen - May 

Joanie Trout  (17.3)

Joe & Joanie Hunt tag team for another fun episode. 

Three Mudskateers (47.5 megs)

Killer Airboat trip to some skinny backwater.

GoinHome.wmv ( 5.68 megs)

Just a fun run with Tricia's XM Radio taking us home.

Hannan Reds 14.5

Cold weather fun. The end is even funnier!

AaronSnook (3.94 megs) 

Aaron Cisneros releases a great snook. 

justarun.wmv (13.4 megs) September

Staying ahead of the storm.

Tricia Trout (8.75 megs)

Capt. Tricia struggles with another big February trout

Garrett red & 28" trout (13.3)
CodyRenee1 (18.5 megs)

Cody & Renee stalking way up shallow

Capt. Carp (22.5 megs)

More airboat escapades. 

Joeseph & Annette fun. 

Just a fun no-fishing type of day. Say, "who has a pretty tail?"