Just flat out good stuff. The water has been killer clean and green for a while now, and solid fish like this one have been aggressively feeding under rafting mullet. When winds permit there is some high opportunity about now.

Fishing has definitely turned on with massive amounts of bait showing, hot slicks, wheeling pelicans, the whole deal. The water has been literally working alive, especially thru late morning. It's been some of the most exciting fishing I've seen in quite a while, and you just can't wait for sunup to roll around again.

Topwaters have certainly been taking their share, but when they won't come up or just swirl your lures, fast retrieves below the large groups of mullet have been getting slammed. Some [but certainly not all] of these better fish have already moved out a little deeper, so just eliminate water from shallow to deep until you hit, then get busy! This one went about eight five.