Capt. Tricia and Mike show a few proceeds from a fun morning wade. It was slow but they all picked 'em off one at a time doing the tail thing. This was part of the Scott Stavinoha group who we've really grown to  enjoy....most of the time anyway.

We had 4 men in each boat, and of course the competition was on as it always is. Capt. Tricia's boat exceeded their trout limits both days up to 26.5 inches, had the big red, and won all of the money.

Mike struggled with his no fishing bunch of punt heads...including the famous Laguna Rod whipping Scott Stavinoha, who couldn't catch his ass with both hands no matter what kind of rod he wasn't fishing with.

It was great fun but I'll never hear the end of it...not till next time that is. [Y'all better start getting some rest now because next time you are taking your high heels off].