Watch this kid. His name is Trent from Goliad, 14 years old and determined to be the best saltwater fisherman he can be. Straight A student, local sports star...I think he just might do it.

The story on him is that he started calling over a year ago...wanting prices on a trip and talking about his passion. Said he had $125 saved up. I told him to keep going, and sure enough, he would call with updates on how much he was up to by doing odd jobs, etc.

I made him work for the whole amount. He did, then I gave him the trip out of admiration for his tenacity.

Take a kid fishing. There is a lot worse things they could be doing. By the way, here's proof again that these kids don't need spinning reels and bait. If they have it in them, they can stand there right next to us and do just fine.