I thought this was a great shot for several reasons, and it will probably be in the August issue of  the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine. It may not meet a true photographer's requirements, but it says a lot.

Meet Charles Sandford, (aka 'FishSmart' on some of the better web based fishing forums).

Charles has been fishing a long time, and the smile on his face is here to remind us that life is always good in the water. 

Here he has landed another heavy redfish, this one on a MirrOlure Catch 5. He's got all of the right stuff on to help enjoy summers brutal conditions...., i.e., long sleeves,  good head cover, gloves, and just enough gear to be loaded without being loaded down.

This guy has had two hip replacements and will still get out there and wade thru sand, mud, snow and hell to catch his fish...and all without whining like some of you girly-men like to do.

If  'Fishsmart' happens to answer any of your questions on a fishing message board, take it as mature, "fish smart" advice.