Shannon Tompkins of the Houston Chronicle does his good deed for the session by saving a juvenile roseate spoonbill. These young birds can't yet fly well, so during heavy winds, they tend to get blown off of islands only to bob helplessly in the waves. Sure fodder for coyotes & coons when they land elsewhere.

This one was exhausted and Shannon baby sat it until we all finished a long wade. Shannon was probably grateful for the event. He soon wrote an article about how much he didn't like wadefishing at this point in his life, so in effect, they both saved each other.  Amazing how man and nature can work together. Ha.



Here's Rusty Edwards, Regional Merchandizing Coordinator for Cabelas. He also saved a bird and is shown releasing it back to the island from which it came. 

It's actually Green Island near the Arroyo. Last week I got to fish Andy Kaisner, biologist who supervises activities here for the Audubon Society. It is an extremely important bird sanctuary and observatory. Andy said that the majority of Reddish Egrets on the entire coast breed here. It's critical habitat for several other species of birds, and after Andy's "seminar", I am much more appreciative of what this natural little island contributes.