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Ray Cote came down from Alaska with his son Brennen and friend Eddie Stedts.  Thinking they were classic tourist at first, we later found out that these guys fish all over the world and are very accomplished tournament Walleye fishermen. They've won more money with that specie of fish than any type of inshore tournament we see here on the Gulf Coast. We're talking purses worth 100K here. What a trip we had! It's such a treat to see people with this much enthusiasm and appreciation.

These were Capt. Tricia's people, but due to a last minute cancellation, I stowed away on her boat and I'm glad I did. Their unique perspective on our fishery inspired the next article for Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine, the June 2007 issue. They were actually shocked when Tricia pulled a rope thru the first big redfish. "Eh, whaddaya doinn' there, eh?" You mean we can kill these fish?".   

We ended up catching big limits of heavy reds and trout to 7-1/2 pounds, all in about knee-deep water. Awesome company, awesome fish, and  every know & then you get people who help you put everything in it's proper perspective. Fishing on the Texas Coast is awesome, and don't let anybody tell you any different ~>