Many of you might remember the two large pipes on the west shoreline, near the speck barge in West Bay. They were just waiting to kill someone in the fog, etc.

They are now gone, thanks to Stan Floyd, [owner of Air Ranger Airboats], and the other good citizen workers in attendance.

Kudo's to Stan, Tate Floyd, Capt. J.D. Whitley, Mike Wilson, and Ken & Patsy Nolte of Sea Watch Realty who organized the effort.

I can't remember Grizzly Adam's name [orange shirt] or the youngest guy...who won the award of the day for getting the filthiest by wallowing around in the slough mud.

Good job guys. Perhaps next year we'll have other  good sports willing to help. A big thanks to Patsy for the 'hit the spot' shore side lunch.