Kyle lets a nice one swim. It was his first time to use a Corky Fat Boy, and after this personal best, he understandably refused to take it off.

The fish weren't aggressive all day. A lot of action with little forward motion just above the grass was the best presentation.

Capt. Tricia kept dredging a simple paddle tail through the grass and caught a passel full of solid fish from 23 to 25 inches. We all saw her get hit by an absolute beast. When it came to the surface it looked like a porpoise...easily one of those big winter 'over thirties'. We'll be going back for it early and often. This time of year, where there's one fish in that class there are probably several more.

There are many times where these fish simply will not come off the bottom to chase a lure. You just have to have confidence they are there and fish for them. During down periods you may get only a few precious bites all day. Even big fish can be very delicate, so be ready to detect the slightest signal that a fish has picked up your bait.