Solid redfish like this one have been a blast in the early morning shallows.

We pulled into this skinny water area and saw a few small groups of large fish moving off. It was about 10 inches deep over grass with small scattered potholes.

We stalked in their general direction  and James Garner fooled this beautiful 28 with a pumpkinseed chartreuse paddle tail. Talk about tournament class, it weighed right at 9lbs on the Boga Grip.

That little plastic tail is one of most effective spooky water baits available, and when in doubt, just tie one on and be done with it.

By the way, it looks like he's knee deep, but the softer bottom may have something to do with that. If  you want to be successful fishing like this, there is indeed some athleticism involved.  No sitting on a yellow bucket here!