Johnny Guevera has been fishing down here with J.D. since he was 18 years old. Here he lifts his personal best of 28-3/4 inches going a tad over eight pounds.

She hit a Top Dog Jr. about knee-deep over grassy potholes. It was another good morning. We had several big trout come off of this mullet packed flat on everything from topwaters to tails to Corkies.

Johnny retired this fish wanting a skin mount for the wall. Certainly nothing wrong with that. These fish have contributed for years and a trophy is a trophy in the eye of the beholder. If it's any indication of how rare they really are, as mentioned, Johnny worked 18 years to land her.

 However, please consider releasing those larger fish which are too small to mount and too valuable to catch more than once. If we all do some more of that, maybe Johnny won't have to wait another 18 years for his next personal best...