O.K., here's a report from Capt. J.D. Whitley, who will obviously NEVER help out with pictures or much else for that matter except for water work. [Old school...,and if you've ever fished with the Popeye of Port you know what we mean.]  Just don't stand behind him in the boat or you'll get peppered with Red Man. He'll tell you about once.

J.D. had the Law Dawgs in, the same crew who took second last year in the Griffon Tournament. They have been fishing with J.D. [and eating Mary's food] for about 15 years so they know the drill. On Monday and Tuesday of this week they all had full limits of everything and released at least as many more. Most of it was tail work in about waist deep water. Monday was a pre norther day with near zero wind all morning. They worked on localized fish till way late and made it in just under the wire. Capt. Tricia & I were en route on the way back from the Holder Show and stayed right under the leading edge of the norther the entire way. It was wicked and we saw more than one 18 wheeler jack knifed. We had gust to 55 that evening.

The extreme low tides we have been experiencing since the last week of February dumped the fish to very predictable locations, so the pickings have been easy. They had plenty of fun Laguna action. Tuesday was a repeat but with them leaving early by 2pm....all with baggies full of good eaters.

Look for your bait, color changes, and use these tides to your advantage. It won't be but a few short weeks and we'll have another foot of water in here and the fish will certainly scatter. This is very much a prime time to be here. The fish are heavy, thick, stacked up, and more than willing to slam dunk a good presentation.