Another good fish this week in the skinny stuff. Spinning reel aside, this guy did very well and pretty much kicked everybody else's butt. There's always one in every group who seems to have a better groove going on.

We had been up north all morning with marginal results, and my regular group for this day had to bail early to catch a plane.  Capt. Tricia said "we need to go back south I'm outta here".  

She called about 2pm and said "you need to get here now".  If she say's it's on it's on, so not being one to argue, I managed to get my 'just arrived' next scheduled bunch out on short notice for an afternoon session. It worked and several great fish were caught. In fact, it was pretty awesome. 

One of the Brett Dunn crew, I just can't remember his name for now. Heck I can't even remember what he caught this on. 

Call me Brett so I can fix.