One of the only problems down here has been other boats, especially those 'visiting' for the winter, and especially in known stack up areas.  Here's J.D. Whitley...on a great bite but also biting his tongue.

This is West Bay, and although it's a great little fishery, you can't hardly fish it these days due to all of the, ugh, 'visitors' who are more used to close proximities.

Although overall crowds here are probably less than anywhere else on the coast, at times we get drifters and such who will slip right in whenever they see others catching fish. As long as they don't blow near you with the big motor, the only thing they really damage is your nerves.

However, as I tried to write in the last issue of Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine, "while there is no excuse for poor behavior, there is also no excuse to a poor reaction to poor behavior". If you need to whip them, wait till you're off the water and don't be doing that loud mouth thing. How we react to encroachment says a lot about our overall character.

Actually, these guys asked us what we wanted them to do...drift through quietly or move aside. However...they were close enough to quietly ask.

Y'all be nice out there...