The Port Mansfield Chamber of Commerce hosted a bunch of outdoors folks this week in the hopes of bringing more exposure to the East Cut dilemma.

 I was lucky enough to draw "Uncle Bob" again, who among other claims, is the outdoor writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and a solid part of Catfish Gold Magazine.

Here's Bob enjoying some  muddy water redfish. As far as an outdoor writer goes, Bob is the real deal, living out of his truck and banging on a laptop. You open this guys truck door and everything from a rifle shell to a turkey feather to a little red & white bobber falls out. With us but not pictured is Raymond Faulkner with Cabellas...great sport and always a hoot to fish with. 

Tricia had David Sikes of the Corpus Christi Caller and Richard Moore of Richard Moore Outdoors on day one, and we both took Ron Henry Strait of the San Antonio Light out on day two.

Many thanks to Cabellas and Texas Sporting Journal folks for the good times and great participation.