John Barber slides a nice topwater 6 up on his knee. The explosion was a good one, and as evidenced by the inhale, it hit John's plug with some evil intent. 

Topwater fishing can certainly be awesome during the colder months, but it is not always the most productive. Most fish caught this day came  sub-surface, i.e., Corkies and soft plastics. Soon after this picture was taken we caught a solid 9 on a Corky Fat Boy. John was stubborn though, as many of us are. He's one of the guys who would rather catch one up top versus ten below the surface. Nothing wrong with that if you're willing to stick it out. Everybody has their own deal though, and that's what makes fishing the awesome and diversified adventure it is.

By the way...isn't it interesting how small fish can look in pictures when you take them realistically? Holding them out at arms length can certainly make them look larger than life, but in our opinion, is akin to cheap sensationalism. Reality is a good thing....agree?