This trout strapped right at 3O inches and hit a clear Corky Devil in less than knee deep water. Again, a lot of these bigger fish are hanging with the big reds. They can be quite spooky up shallow so we have been downsizing our presentations. They are jumping all over smaller lures and will often run from a larger one.  This fish was caught about 2:3O in the afternoon under full sun. Long casts and stealth are critical. If you can hear yourself walking you are moving way too fast, and when you do, you can see mud boils kicking off way ahead of you.

We started finding roe in trout we've cleaned by Feb. 17th and some look well developed. With the water temps so unusually high think late March. These fish should be getting much more aggressive soon as they move towards the first spawn of the year...and the bigger ones seem to do it first. 

Better get your stuff ready if you are looking for a heavy weight.