Your Skinny Water Adventure ... begins when the sun pierces the horizon and ends with the rewards of a full day. Departure is from the private covered slips at the Willacy County Boat Basin, either "C" or "D" Dock depending on your Captain. (See the map link for details).  If you are staying waterfront in the Harbor we'll pick you up there. 
We use artificial lures exclusively  and will spend the day wade fishing for trout and redfish. We do drift when called for but that is  not our primary or preferred method. We try to personalize each trip so it's important for us to know as much as possible about your groups goals and skill levels.  Whether it's a learning trip, a hunt for a personal best, or just a good ole fishing expedition, we look forward to showing you the wonders of the Laguna Madre as we know it.
Reservations...  are best made as far in advance as possible to insure your desired date. A $100 per day deposit will be required  to  confirm your trip. Because this is a 'destination spot',  most of our bookings are two day adventures with our regular clients. Therefore, we simply cannot do one day trips on a weekend. Deposits are fully refundable with two weeks notice.  If unfortunate circumstances forces a cancellation within two weeks, your deposit will be applied to a future date within a year.  Weather related cancellations must be Captain's call.  We are not going to do anything unsafe and we don't do lightning, but some of our best catches happen when your less enthusiastic fishing buddies stay home. Hey...we're fishing here! Although advanced reservations are always best, open spots can and do become available, so don't be skeered to check on short notice.
Rates and Stuff... are $425 per day for up to two fishermen plus $75 for each additional. 
Conservation... We are obviously trying to help put more "sport" back into sport fishing and it's working out quite well.  Of course it's your day and your fishing license, so we can't tell you what you can kill up to your legal limit if you are fortunate enough to get there, but let's all try to be reasonable here. If you are hiring a guide simply for the 'meat' portion of all this, it may be smarter to save that money and buy a whole side of prime Angus beef instead. Let's all take what we need but try not to let anything grow up just to rot in a freezer. For those trout over the top end, if you don't intend to mount it, please consider cutting it loose for someone else to enjoy when it gets even bigger.  Let's eat the little guys as those 30" fish we all worship don't grow out of ice chest. We take plenty of pictures and videos of your trip and those last a long time.  We also offer a $50 dollar discount for catch and release trips.  We're not enviro-wacko freaks here, but we do believe in and promote responsible use. We want to catch good fish for years to come and so do you. 
What's Provided... Just one heck of a try at a great adventure. Of course, ice, fish cleaning and packaging comes with it. Other things may be negotiable, but negative attitudes, whining, or lack of effort while fishing may require a stiff surcharge. 
What to Bring ... Yes we all need a current license and saltwater stamp.  Polarized glasses are critical to experience the visual wonders on the flats, and quite frankly, it really sucks if you don't have them. Bring whatever you'd like to eat and drink, but fair warning, if you don't offer the Captain a sample of that gourmet stuff you drag down here from civilization, you just may go home early, wet, or both.  Small ice chest are O.K. We prefer you to bring the equipment you are comfortable with, but rods and reels can be furnished with advanced notice. We only use the best stuff and our sponsors are the best of the best. Shimano reels, Suffix Line and Fishing Tackle Unlimited's new line of Titanium rods and wading accessories.  Unfortunately though, we now have to enforce a "you break - you replace" policy, and...if you dunk the reels we will have to dunk you.  When bringing your own rods & reels, make sure they are in excellent working order and with a full spool of good line. We will be in touch before your arrival with any special items you might need. Port Mansfield isn't exactly a place to go last minute shopping. Unless you plan on eating out each meal, better bring stuff with you. The nearest grocery store is 25 miles away and it probably doesn't have it. "It" is a big word. 
a small check list:  Again, polarized sunglasses! (amber or vermilion is best on the flats), a hat that won't fly off (we'll turn around for it...once), and Gringo 2000 sunblock for the white afflicted.  If wading you'll need booties (tennis shoes are fine, but you won't like them in soft bottoms) waders when cold (breathables will usually do fine except when we don't need to be out there in the first place), and a  wading type belt with a stringer & pliers.  A working alarm clock is a good thing too. 
What NOT to bring... There's no place housekeeping is more important than on a boat. We all love tackle stores but let's try not to bring one with us.  50 pound tackle boxes aren't necessary and unfortunately we can't accommodate 500 pound ice chest.  Tow-behind-me tackle barges should be on a desperately needed only bases and you're probably not all that desperate. Appropriate footwear in Port is either booties, flip-flops or skin.. 
a quick word about alcohol:  Hey we  all like to have fun, but let's do try to remember we're fishing here.  Sure, drink all you want, but if anybody in the party happens to get stupid, or 'drunk', at the sole discretion of the Captain, everybody goes back to the house. Safety is a priority for Skinny Water Adventures, and drinking responsibly, is, well....responsible. 
  No, we are not for everybody and are not trying to be, but if you like to fish the plastic adventure way,  we just might be for you.

Call or e-mail with any further questions. If calling, between 6 and 9pm usually works. 

Back at the dock a crowd of potlickers eagerly awaits your arrival.

Call now and let them know you're coming.