Skinny Water Adventures


Experience the Best of Port Mansfield   

with Captains Tricia, Mike McBride and J.D.Whitley.  All bring years of on the water intensity and are out there  most days staying on top of 'em.  Skinny Water Adventures is about putting more 'sport' back into sport fishing, specializing in using only artificial lures and light tackle.  Click the links at the bottom to learn more about the crew, including articles, reports and recent trip photos. 

the Adventure...  awaits you. 

All trips are custom designed to meet your expectations and skill level, from  novices hungry to learn the art of lure fishing to hardcores wanting the best of what the Laguna has to offer.  A trip with Skinny Water Adventures promises to send you home with much more than just fillets.



are not just "redfish" in the clear waters of the Laguna.  World class sight casting is available year 'round when conditions are right.   It's as good as it gets, takes true skill,  and  populations are at an all time high. Besides the sight casting opportunities, these brutes are explosive on topwaters, spoons, and a variety of other lures. You can't beat the pull!


Texas Parks & Wildlife calls the Lower Laguna our most productive bay system. There is no question big trout live here... the record books say so.  If you are after a trophy class fish or want to learn how to stalk them... the Lower Laguna has it all...except for the crowds that is. 

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