As one of the very few inshore female guides on the coast, Capt. Tricia approaches the flats with a little different perspective. Call it intuition, but her "gut" feeling about where and how is like a sixth sense.  Like many other assertive women today, Tricia has easily demonstrated that a Y chromosome is not necessary to compete with the best of them in the water.  Capt. Tricia is the real deal, and a trip with her is not just a trip ~

It's a Skinny Water Adventure!

Capt. Tricia

Capt. Tricia is a full time guide specializing in year 'round  lure fishing for trout & redfish, especially in the ultimate thrill of sight-casting to single large fish.  Her 21' Shallowsport will take you places that magazines are made of. 

 Her passion for the Laguna Madre is reflected through her monthly articles in Gulf Coast Connections [now Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine] a growing magazine taking the coast by storm with over 40,000 copies sold per month. Her articles are available by subscription to GCC, at your better news stands, or archived here. at the link below.