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April 29 - Friday We had a big blow yesterday with sustained 30 gust to 35 from the SSE. That's actually a good thing as it's pushing good water up from Isabel and bad water back to Baffin from whence it came. Today is more of the same - honk city. A little norther is forecast for Saturday with NW going N from 15 to 25mph, then coming around back to the ENE on Sunday.  That will get those reds bunched up in shallow water for sure on Saturday, and the high flats down south should be clean on Sunday. Day before yesterday we saw more fish starting to use the clear shallows than we've seen all year...bait, reds, trout (some big ones), sheepshead, skipjacks, and many many rays. It's all fixing to all bust loose.  Water temps have varied from 73 to 81 this past week. The tide runners should be coming through in force any day now, and that will change everything. Start re-hooking your beat up old faithful topwaters.  

Still working on updates here ~> 

    please spool up some new line & bear with us. 






April 22& 23rd - Friday & Saturday- Capt. Tricia

When the Wilson party showed up on Friday morning I knew we were going to have a great time. With all the enthusiasm these boys had how could you not?  The day was picture perfect and fish were sighted but proved to be extremely hard to catch.  Bill lost a monster trout early on his secret propeller lure and we were also able to pull out a few nice trout on weedless assassins and paddle tails.  The rest of the day we chased reds and picked up about six and 1/4oz weedless gold spoons saved the day. The massive shrimp hatch has every fish in our system gorged to the gills on minute sized shrimp and pinfish, typical early spring time stuff.  The wind finally started to blow around 4:30pm, and with it, we found the tailing reds feasting yet again on tiny shrimp being dislodged from protective grass and cover.  We worked a few groups and decided to call it a day when I assured them it would be even better in the morning.   

Saturday morning greeted us with a feisty Norther with winds blowing up to 35mph greeted. They seemed surprised we were even going, but this IS the Laguna Madre you know.  This was the first time any of them had chased quickly moving tails and at first they missed a few, but before you knew it each one was chasing their own pods and catching fish all the way. To sum it up, at one point Bill looked over at me and said that never would he dreamed that he would be fishing tailing reds and trout during such a screaming nasty day. The pictures tell most of the story. You guys were great and I'm so glad you brought your game with you.  I cannot wait to do it again with you guys, but maybe next time in clear water and a hard bottom.  Sounds good, huh? Thank God for Skinny Water

April 21

Sorry folks... we've been fishing hard, busy and exhausted in the evenings, and even lost our monitor for a few days ~~> Hence no recent updates, e-mail or discussion board responses. We'll put some good stuff up just as soon as we get a little more time, probably late this evening or tomorrow.  In short, everything remains a little tough for now, but the good news is that the water levels are up by several inches and the clarity is coming around nicely. Look for everything to bust loose soon. We'll be there. How 'bout you? 

April 14 - Thursday.  WOW!  Today was fantastic.  The Laguna at it's best with predominate East winds and crystal clear water.  The Redfish were exactly where we thought they were, SKINNY, SKINNY.  We left early this a.m. with Capt. J.D. as our guide.  He had a few spots he wanted to share with us and wanted to see if they were happening.  Within moments of stepping out of the boat Mike and I were sightcasting to tailing reds.  He was over 200 yards away from me and I could hear and see him gleefully encountering the incredible melee of tailing reds as I was.  We left them marauding after an hour or so for Dad had a few other tricks under his sleeve. Our last wade of the day found us sightcasting again in super skinny water and we all experienced nonstop chances and many hookups once again.  Mike continued to stalk the bronze backed beauties while Dad and I decided to work out a little deeper near a gut. Dad was the first to hook up with a solid trout, and do I mean solid twenty five or better and full of eggs.  My first few casts came up empty but we knew they were there. Tails worked in the middle water column brought us some great trout action until it was time to go. Here's a few teaser pictures and a little video. So, what did you do today? 


April 11th - Monday The southern blow finally fell off after mid-night but only in front of another norther. This one was docile however, just a dry wind switch. Tricia & I headed out for a little personal fun day. We were met with light winds early and birds working everywhere. We checked a few flocks working trout but only found billions of dinks. We kept going and watched pod after pod of reds being worked over by low birds. We shut down in water barely deep enough to float the Shoalwater and molested them thoroughly. Below is the only video to survive after dropping the camera in the water, DOH! Look closely and you can see tails and even one red rise to slurp a shrimp away from the flying roaches with wings. There were probably 15 to 30 reds in each group. The wind picked up and changed nothing. We did these for quite some time and then headed on farther. This time we worked some wind blown clear water, and yes, I had to get out and push at one point. The tide was being thrown off the flat and I almost didn't make it out in time. We both threw at a few large trout among the reds & sheepshead but the trout would have none of it. It was still way cool seeing them. Yes, conditions are changing and the forecast is for consistent E-SE winds for the next several days. We're all looking for things to bust wide open. 


April 4th thru the 10th  As mentioned, the fishing has really been tough lately. Downright 'sucked' for most everybody if we want to be accurately descriptive. The combination of a solar eclipse with a new moon vacuumed the water out of here. Some areas looked like cattle fields and several experienced people ended up pushing their boats for a while. On top of that, brown tide, (especially to the north) teamed up with the 35 mph wind monster to create some "throw your hands up in the air" conditions. If that's not all, there's an enormous tiny shrimp hatch that has been keeping these elusive fish well fed. So what do you do? I guess you do like Capt. Tricia did. 

While we were all whining and gnashing teeth, Capt. Tricia launched by herself with one of "those" attitudes. She kept her eyes open, saw some bait working in some nasty knee-deep water, (and some big wakes), and just dropped the hook and went for it. Pearl/Chartreuse shad tail, she caught & released a sizeable passel of reds to 28" and a few good trout to go with them. She was home & showered early. Below is a pic a friendly passer-by took of some she kept. (The 4th red was his and not kept by her) Anyway, blackened redfish for me like I've never had. 

 Awesome weather by the way, so get off of this stupid machine and go get you some of it. 


See how many redfish wakes you can count.



April 3rd update  In short, fishing's been tough since the big north blow on April Fools day. There have been a few good isolated catches but for the most part everybody is doing some whining. The tide has dumped hard and strong winds have a lot of the system shredded. Even in areas with good water and bait concentrations the bite has been short lived.  A tournament here on Saturday had overall marginal results. Congrats to Beetle John Bailey & team for pulling a win with 24#'s & change for 2 trout & 2 reds. Big trout for them was 6.11 taking that category as well. 

For now, winds are forecasted to be SCA thru Tuesday night then diminishing somewhat in front of a small norther due Wednesday. Thursday thru Sunday may be a whole different story with returning E & SE winds.  Hopefully some new water will come with it.  Early Spring can be difficult at times. An abundance of small forage such as shrimp, crabs and little piggies have the fish well fed and not having to do much. Yesterday we watched red after red totally ignore or half heartedly bump well presented baits. The trout bite has been all tails and just a gummer bite at that. What can also make things difficult this time of year is that the better fish aren't necessarily with the mullet. J.D. kicked everybody's butt the other day just working water "where they should have been". There were no visible signs to go by...just had to get out there and do it. Good 5 man box from some strong waders, especially since 3 of them were between 12 & 14 yrs old. 

Look for things to change as soon as a better tide brings new opportunity. Till then, if dinks are your deal you can play with the birds in deeper water. Tricia & party checked them in several areas but opted to decline the effort. There are pods of reds and some tailing activity up shallow... just off of the grass/sand line. Trout too, just gotta get in there with 'em. 

Below is a pic or two and a short video just cuz. 

A note to Jim Dennett from Capt. Tricia  Jim, it was great seeing you down here again.  Hopefully, you can make it down for our excellent June fishing, if not I will see you in August.


April 4 25 gust 33 by 10 am

April 1 Blow out norther - (NNW 36 gust to 43)

March 29th Blow out south  (SSE 36 gust 40 )

March 28th Blow-out norther

March 25th - 26th  Dan Morgan, J.O. Lewis & Tom "Revak" came to town. (Lord) I knew I was in trouble and will probably remain there. J.O. won the lower coast STAR tournament last year. (The beast is attached to the picture link below left)  I met him back in 1986 I think, fishing Offat's Bayou on a freezing winter day...the only two idiots out there. Dan is another complete story of his own (see below), and Tom...well, Tom is an Engineer who fishes if that might be a clue. We had a great first day and ate that evening like "tomorrow we die", but day two totally fell out from under us. Day after full moon stuff, and although we were throwing all over quality fish, it just wasn't going to happen until close to dark. Here are a few pics of the trip, which, was a grand experience for all of us. 

She's Gone - She's Somewhere.wmv

Tricia - Marshall/ J.D.- 

March 23rd - 24th Carl Hye-Kneudson from Shore Acres flew down as a present from his candy making wife Tammy. I met Carl about 15 years ago and we had a lot of catching up to do. He had never been to Port Mansfield so we traversed the area showing him what all it had to offer. Watch closely in  the little video below, and if you don't already know what a redfish wake looks, like you'll never mistake the distinctive signature again. We had a ball but day two was virtually a blow out, so we went high into the sand and sightcasted to some little reds in gin clear shin deep water. Thanks Carl, and thank-you Tammy for taking care of him. 


<well flip....one of these videos is going to take some work...keeps locking up on the save. Gee Carl, is there something we need to know about? Were you really supposed to be here?>

March 22nd  Jeff Hellekson & Dad Jim came over to hunt just one big one. We went where they lived and pounded a few places hard in some very hard conditions. The winds were great early but quickly switched to the south with full force.  There are some excellent fish using these areas but it didn't happen this time. Nature just doesn't give it up every day and it evidently wasn't Jeff's turn,  but we spent the day on big fish techniques and discussing the workings of high potential areas. A dedicated big fish hunt is not much different from stalking a Boone & Crockett buck. Time spent with purpose is what pays off and it's only a matter of time before Jeff's passion is realized on the wall. I enjoyed you two and looking forward to helping make it happen in the future...next week if I remember right. 


March 21st Mike Wilson & crew wanted a "confidence building trip" to help set up the rest of their weeks vacation. We explored, discovered, and had a great time doing it. It was a tough day overall but we stuck in there and ended up with a respectable showing. It was mostly topwaters, junior sized, worked over sandy pockets amongst thick grass that provided the most fun. 




March-20th Capt. Tricia - Joe & Joannie Hunt came back for some more and wanted to hunt a big fish with Capt. Tricia. These guys are good fishermen to say he least. Day one the conditions were nice and Joannie came close to her goal with this fine fish shown below left on a clear Corky. The fog was oppressive on day two, and what started out bad only got worse with visibility reaching near white-out proportions. Left in the unmanageable soup until almost noon,  Joannie again found a thick shouldered fish willing to play over some nice sand pockets. She had a topwater retrieve that intrigued Capt. Tricia, who despite curious efforts, couldn't quite duplicate it. Here is a mail from Joe that may explain it better. Yes, Joannie's got it. 

From the fishing report postings, you two are very busy! Be sure to stop and take a deep breath every once and a while.
Since our trip last weekend, for some reason I decided to pick up my copy of Rudy Grigar's "Plugger" and stumbled across an interesting paragraph in the forward by Joe Doggett. It made reference to his unique cast and retrieve which made me smile when I thought about you and Joannie fishing next to one another Sunday.
It read; "Wherever he waded (Grigar), the Plugger was easy to recognize. He had a signature profile. He used a vicious side-arm delivery with a two-handled rod and had a distinctive way of cradling the long butt under his arm and pointing the tip straight down the line during the retrieve. Rather than jerking the rod tip up and down to impart stuttered action to the lure, he exercised a curious side-to-side "Rudy Flip." I (Doggett) never could do it worth a damn. I guess you either have it or you don't.
Guess Joannie's got it!
Take care of one another and rest once and a while.
Joannie and Joe

March 18th & 19th Danny Neu Auction trip with Mark Conway, Zac King, Paul Lipinski & Shawn Pachelhofer. These guys were kind enough to help out with Capt. Danny Neu's medical expenses and opted to stay with us for another day. We worked hard, played hard, ate hard, and generally enjoyed what the Laguna had to offer. We had two personal best this trip among some other memorable action. Mark caught a bulging 28" trout and released her opting for a replica mount. Zac hung a great flounder, which by the way, is a excellent gamefish that more of us wish could have a better chance at becoming one. Paul was in the hunt all day both days and did well. Shawn provided us all various means of entertainment, including the wacky catch of the day with a big cow nosed ray. Conditions were rough at times with heavy wind and thick water, but it happens when we make it happen. Good job guys. Thanks for the fun session. 








March 17th Russell O'Riely

March 10/11/12th. Tricia had Darrell Donaldson, Troy Merrill and Ray Sauvage down from Houston. They went south and walked into an explosive little topwater bite for about 3 hours on trout. Most ranged from about 19 to 23" or so but were very aggressive.  (Unfortunately, she left with no batteries so no pictures.) After that they moved around and waded through some reds on tails, most were between 20 & 24 but they had a couple of break-off's on oversized ones. 

Meanwhile, I had the other part of this hairy-legged group, Nathan, Richard, and Lloyd. We went elsewhere to grind for some big stuff. Grind we did. They were in there and we did manage couple of nice ones. I made the mistake of throwing at a mud boil. (Little video below.) It was a tough bite but we were just looking for one. We had fun and traded people the next day, so Darrell, Troy and Ray jumped in my boat. Good fishermen, we pounded it until the wind pounded us home, and had a couple of nice fish to show for it. Again, tough on big fish, but we knew that. 

More later....


Troy Dog.wmv


clear to starboard.wmv

Bat Run.wmv



We want to thank all of y'all who came by the Holder Show. What a killer time with good folks, fine food, and plenty of fun diversion. A special thanks to Capt. Ron Ellisor for the kind use of his bay house.

a little show fun...

fatboys.wmv  crawfishers.wmv

02-14 thru 02-24-05

Well, long period, but things have been fairly consistent for a while. In short, it's been tough with honking winds and funky water. There's a mix of wind driven silts, dredge goop, and even a bit of brown tide going on. Not any thing to freak over as it does clear during periods of lower winds, but it's definitely been challenging in many places.  Yesterday I helped test a new JH Performance boat being delivered down here. We didn't fish, but we covered a decent amount of water and it was looking much better. Look for things to improve soon with some sustained S/SE winds. 

Anyway, we have blocked out this past week for some badly needed chores and getting ready for the Holder Show. It runs March 2nd thru the 6th at the George R. Brown Convention Center, should be great fun, and we're looking forward to seeing a bunch of y'all again. If you ever had the inclination to make one of these shows this is the one. We'll be right next to EJ & Pam at the GCC booth. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, here's a link to a current weather & water report....

Pound it Home.wmv (4.77 mb)

02-13-05 Sunday 

(Air 66 rising to 87 by 2 pm. Wind S & SE 12 going to 24mph by noon, then light & variable 5 to 10 swinging SW, W, NW, then NE. Water levels up almost 1 ft and temp up to 66 by mid pm)

Day two for Gina & Todd. We also had the pleasure of hosting John Blaha who rounded out the crew. Capt. Tricia had our agenda planned out so we just fell in behind her. We caught several 'mature' trout, mostly on tails. It wasn't a numbers or a meat box day, but by walking slowly and probing each little nook and hidey hole, a few great head thrashers came to the surface. All were released to grow up. The redfish cooperated also (especially for Blaha - ha ha), but today we just wanted to wear some silver ribbons of conquest. 

There's some pretty fun video below which will print the day better than I ever could.  There's several more we'll put up as we get time. Hope you guys are enjoying them as much as we are getting them. 




Capt . Tricia shoreline (5.63 megs)

Gina Trout (2.38 megs)

Blaha Rubberhead

Tricia Rip & Release (6.29 megs)

Todd Go (5.5 megs)

Sun Goin' Down (5.14 megs)

02-11-05 Friday  

(Post Norther, overcast, 57 rising to 66, NE winds 10 switching to East 15 by noon, water up about 8", water temp 57F

I cancelled a group from Houston based on the wonders of the weatherman. Bad call, and such is the dilemma of February. Sooo...I jumped in Tricia's boat with Gina & Todd Rice. Conditions ended up being just fine.  Pearl /chartreuse was the color for the day and accounted for many reds and a few good trout, including these two nice ones of Todd's pictured  below.  I'll just let the picks and little videos describe the day. 


Video - Mornin' Run (3.64 megs) 

Video - Todd "Oh Yeah" (5.27 megs)


Video - Gina Red (2.38 megs)

Video - Goin' Home (5.68 megs)


02-09-05 Wednesday. 

(Pre-norther conditions, light ENE wind, overcast, water 63F, air 64 rising to 73. Day after new moon.)

 JD & I went to look for some un-fished turf. We found some but the bit was funky again.  There were some good fish laying up in about thigh deep water amongst scattered mullet.  Pretty much an all tail deal. No takers on plugs, such as Corkies or Catch 5's, but I did catch a few fat little chunks between 20 & 22 on a Super Spook. JD switched to a tail, stayed with it,  and was able to finesse some nice trout in some quiet conditions. We didn't stay long. They might have turned on later but we came in to do some chores.  The norther hit about 2:30pm, and it looks like a wash for a day or two with predicted high NE winds. As soon as it backs off it should be on again. 

Video - JD "damned old red" 

(3.28 megs)

02-08-05 Tuesday. (Overcast, 64F rising to 81F, water temp up to 63.) 

Today was another great day to be out on the water. Fairly awesome actually. The fog was extremely thick until about noon, the winds low, and the water a perfect trout green.  Touchy bite. Fish were all in there but it took good retrieves to fool them. The bait was down & not active, but every once in a while we'd see a 'spook' wake, where a mullet or two was skittering away from some sort of threat. A few casts in those directions paid off with some nice trout. No topwater bite at all. Three blow-ups no hooks. Tricia stayed with her pumpkinseed/chartreuse tail and stuck several solid little chunks, plus about 8 or 10 smaller reds. I used a Catch 5 in a mullet color...green back/silver sides. Everything hit on the stop with the plug and on a slow drop with tails. Larger fish started feeding better right as the fog began to clear and the wind eased up. We kept 3 smaller ones about 20" for supper. 

Here's a few photo's & clips. Fun day....aren't they all??

Video - Fog bite (2.19 megs)

Video - Shoreline Coyotes (1.41 megs)

Video - Tricia good fish (8.75 megs)

Video - Tricia short clip (3.62 megs)

Video - Mike land (2.83 megs)


02-06-05  Sunday.  J.D., neighbor Tim and I slipped out near dark to see if we could find some friends of the fish Tricia lost yesterday.  The winds were SE 15 & gusty, tides up several inches, and the water temp had risen to 58F. We only stayed about an hour & 1/2 and stuck with topwaters. We got three blow-ups each and JD managed to land the one shown below.  The next few days should be good on the shorelines as water levels recover. Slow & steady is the game. Take your time and probe every little bottom change. They're there...




02-05-05  Saturday.  

(Light NNW winds early, veering to East about 15 shortly after noon. Overcast, Hi 66 Lo 50, water temp 50 rising to 54.)

The Nagy brothers hit it again today. The pattern was almost identical to yesterday, just a bit warmer. The fish were still holding over mud about waist deep early but moved in a little shallower towards noon.  Troy & Roy caught several fish early with a little better average of about 20 to 24".  (I think Troy said he had a dozen or so plus 7 or 8 reds). Corkies were the baits of the day again for us. Roy used his lucky copper colored one with a pink back and Roy & I stayed with glow and pearl respectively. The better trout were found in a very narrow strip, a slight slope going from knee deep sand to crotch deep mud. The fish fed right on cue according to the major/minor stuff. It was active during the morning major, slowed down, picked back up again during the mid-day moon set, then fell to zippo until near dark. Roy was the evil twin again today with another good trout plus he hogged all of the video. (Twins are never competitive you know.)

On our last wade we ran into Capt. Tricia. She had Capt. Ernest Cisneros and his son aboard scouting some areas often overlooked in the winter. They did well in several places with trout 3 to 5 lbs and I think a couple larger. Tricia lost a pig of a fish on the shoreline. It inhaled a tail and cut her off while she was trying to land it. (She tied a leader on when she got home.) Pictured below are a couple of pics she managed to get, and Ernest may have some more at  http://www.tightlinescharters.com/. All in all it was a great day on the water. They all are...fish or no fish. 




Roy Trout  (5.68 megs)

 Roy Release (1.22 megs)

02-04-05 Friday. The weather has had us in a funk for days, with high NNW winds, no sun, and temps not getting above low 50's. The water temps have chilled to the low mid 50's as well. (48F where we were). Today the Nagy brothers came down from San Antonio & Boerne. We started with light NNW winds over a waist deep muddy bottom. Corkies worked well during the morning major feed and we all caught several averaging about 17-22" with a few a bit larger.  All of the trout had little critters squirming around on their bellies, telling us they were laying right on the bottom. We made a short move and Troy picked up this nice red shown below. Roy a little later pulled a nice trout strapping 26" and going 6 lbs on the Boga Grip. Of course it was while I was getting the boat so no picture.   I saw one mullet jump in shallow, so I went to see if any bigger fish might have moved up after the air became warmer than the water. About 3 cast later a good fish exploded on a Skitterwalk about knee deep. It trashed the water like a spring tide runner and made several strong runs. After an impressive fight it ended up pulling right at 7 1/4 lbs on the scale. (Never mind... trout don't hit topwaters in 50F water...right). Troy & Roy stayed focused with good Corky retrieves and had a very respectable day, especially considering the conditions. 

We made a few moves and picked up a few more stragglers, but it was definitely a morning feed and was pretty much over by about 1:30 pm. We hung till near dark hoping for a rally but we'll just have to wait until tomorrow. These boys are good fishermen and I didn't use the camera enough, but it was enough to document a fun day. 

Video - 7# release (5.7 megs)

Troy (3.59 megs) 


01-26-05 Wed. The weatherman changed his forecast again and the predicted wind never happened.  Conditions were beautiful with good sun, a high of 85F, and winds below 10mph until after 3pm. Tricia had Jerry Courtney today who is on an insatiable quest for a big trout. She fished where she knew some were holding, knee to thigh deep grass patches over a mixed bottom of sand & silt. The fish were there but hard to catch. It took a slow worm type retrieve with tails for both trout & reds. A few good trout did come to hand including the ones shown below, plus at least a double limit of reds each.  Tricia stuck a good trout wading but unfortunately the picture didn't make it. I cruised up later and tried a good wade but it was all reds for me. We left and met back up in the skinny sand sight casting for reds.  They were numerous but laying almost motionless in a foot of water and very spooky.  We had many fun shots and also saw two big trout in there with them.  Another day, another adventure, and tomorrow promises to be even better. 

01-23-05 Sunday Blow out with North winds 25 gust over 30, lows in the mid-40's. 

01-22-05 Saturday 

( Pre-norther conditions, PC with winds calm and staying below 10 mph until late afternoon. The norther finally hit about 7:30 pm)

WOW.  What a difference a day makes. We started in the same place as yesterday, and what began slow gained momentum all day long. Tricia & I tagged teamed the Looper party who drove all the way from Oklahoma. Two of them were Florida boys and one was from West Virginia. It was a total catch and release day and got to do plenty of both.  Click the thumbnails for more details and I'll try to put some new video up later. We wrapped up the day at El Jefe's with our people from yesterday, ushering in the norther with some great food & beverage. 




Video - 2Release

Video - Slippery Red


Video - Tricia Run Red

Video - Bryan Red


01-21-05 Friday (PC, winds 5 early going to 25 S with gust over 30 after 11am. L 59, H 83, water temp 63 rising to 67)

Tricia & I split up today. I had the Bartlett party from Austin and she went with Ron & Tom of Houston.  The bite was funky and it took a full on grind. We started near town with topwaters and managed a few fish among many exciting swirls and blow-ups. Soft plastics drew little attention early. We missed some big opportunity when Russell broke off a large trout in a whitewater show of force. As the wind picked up we headed south to search for some water that would hold a debilitating south wind. The little video shows some of the incredible water we have south but the fish were few & far between up on the flats. It was a mud thing today, so we concentrated on topwaters against a semi-protected shoreline. It was Bobby Jean's first experience wade-fishing and her first go at topwaters. She got the hang of it pretty quick and scored her first redfish on pink Skitterwalk. Brent stuck a nice trout and we continued to pick off one here & there. 

Meanwhile, Tricia & crew opted to grind out some color changes looking for a big fish or two. Staying confident, Ron & Tom both ended up with nice fish using a Corky and a sand eel. All had several reds and Tricia also landed one good trout about 24".  

By 1pm most of the fish holding areas looked like chocolate pudding. We made one last effort in muddy water over sand in the NE Pocket. Topwaters called some explosive blow-ups in  slightly greener water just downwind of some small grass mats. Out of nowhere, I stripped off a large trout in water with almost zero visibility, but we did managed a few more aggressive redfish.  All in all it was still a great day with some exceptional people and we had a blast. I asked the Bartlett's what they learned. Brent's reply was "we learned not to be afraid to get in the water with lures and go for it." Self professed potlickers of the past, and good ones at that, it's a whole new game. 

Video - Clear Run

01-20-05 Thursday  (PC, wind calm early going towards 12 SE by 11am, L53  H79, water temp 66) 

The water felt great today. After taking some extended relief time for family, friends & chores, it sure was good getting wet again. Tricia & I went on a scout run for some upcoming trips and J.D. did the same. The water was a funky green but we found excellent concentrations of active bait south of town. The fish were with them in about 18" of water. We could see numerous redfish wakes kicking off in the calm water and knew the area had been holding some good trout. It was just a check, so after releasing a few trout and reds we headed further back on the flats. J.D. stayed in the same area and called up some healthy fish on a Skitterwalk. The one shown unfortunately died, but he had others to about 26" as well. This one was over 28. 

We checked other areas and found fish most everywhere we stopped. The bite wasn't super aggressive and we didn't stay long in any one place, but they could be coaxed into hitting a moderately retrieved paddle tail and chartreuse was the surface color for the day. We circled around and made one final wade on the west bank. The reds were shallow and the trout were holding farther out in about thigh deep water. Tricia pulled several nice trout off of a shallower hump while I stayed with a topwater looking for miss piggy. A few Nilgai bucks entertained us on the bank which is always cool. A norther is forecast for Saturday night so we may see a good feed in front of it. Can't wait till tomorrow.