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Port Mansfield Fishing Reports January 2006

January 28 2006 

Well O.K. then...The B-Listers encountered a harmonic convergence on day two.  Typical of big moon stuff though, there was just about a near zero bite for most of the day. However... I felt like I knew what I had (sometimes you just know that you know), so I ended up being a wade nazi and forcing a long day on these entertaining but worn out guys. They were whipped and hated me for a while, but all of the right elements were laying right there in front of us.  In my mind it was just a waiting and motivational speaker game.  It all came together for an epic afternoon.  We ran out of video but we got what we could... Here are some cool frames to make your day at the office absolutely miserable.  Soooooo,....what did YOU do today? Tell the truth now. (By the way, after the meat haul from yesterday, these guys released every one of these fish so others might enjoy them when they get bigger.) Thanks B Team for 2 more days of living large on the Laguna. Love you guys...

There's some great story fodder about this trip, but we'll save the good stuff for Gulf Coast Connections. You subscribe to it, right? 

Video  B Listers Day 2.WMV (32 Megs)  

January 27 2006 

The B-List arrived ready to Rock & Roll on a 2 day adventure, one with me and one that J.D. had donated for Capt. Dan Coley's auction. We decided J.D. was the man on day one, but I snuck in the back of the boat with a camera just cuz.  Hard bite, but they were there, and it ended up being what many might consider a near ugly day on good reds and decent trout.  It was all about the retrieve and patience (after you find them it usually is). Once these boys figured out the bite they did very well. A higher tide over night started dropping early and pulled fish into a nasty little holding depression. Full they were, but a slow steady  hop with a piece of soft plastic would pick them off one by one. This was their meat day, so they kept their limits of reds and 35 trout.  Here's a few pictures & a video to make the day last longer.


B-Listers Day 1.WMV  (32 megs)

January 26 2006   

Wind shifted around to east overnight but died after sun-up. Light and variable most of the morning, then it came back E. about 10-15mph. Hi 73F - Low 57F.  Water temps @ 64F. Water clarity very good south. Fish were shallow early then fell off to about waist deep early pm. They are full and somewhat hard to catch. Norton sand eels worked well with slow hops on the bottom, but we also caught fish on floating Corkies and a few on small topwaters. Capt. Tricia spanked them again. Several big fish (trout) were seen but not caught. Biggest trout was about 24" but the reds were mean shallow and early. 

Capt. Tricia hosted Lloyd Rainey today from Austin. I rode along to burn the camera and eat their food. 

Thanks LLoyd for another great day on the water.  Enjoyable as always. Here's a few thumbnails as teasers and will try to finish the rest (plus the videos) soon. Part of the the B-Team is here and ready for 5am. Somebody help me. 

January 24 2006 

 O.K. New year, New page! 

Lot's of good fishing going on. Has been, just been too busy to mess with the web thing. Here's a couple of the most recent trips.  This past week still had very low tides and mostly NNW winds. Water temps have been averaging about 63F. Clarity is good south but still funky up north. Reds have been offering a lot of fun and eating in a stupidly manner, full of little shrimp and nickel/quarter sized crabs. That can make them hard to catch though, so it's definitely skill based. The other day we had 3/4 of a mile of them tailing high on the flats...with some big trout in there with them too.  Most fish have been in off-colored water knee to thigh deep over a mixed bottom. White and chartreuse tails have been working well, but so have Corkies and an assortment of other baits in capable hands. Trout have also been consistent with an occasional good topwater bite, but slow hops close to the grass have been the most consistent.  Weather looks good for the next few days so check back for more reports.  Actually it's almost too good. The bigger trout are starting to show but we'd like to see some colder water. 

Stay tuned. A lot of new and exciting things happening down here. 

Coming soon...

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