Here's a mixed crew from another good day. The guy in the blue visor belongs to Capt. Ernest Cisneros on the far right. The other 3 were with Capt. Tricia. L to R is Gene Shepherd, Baron Unbehagen, and you NFL fans might remember the guy in the funny hat - Cody Carlson / Oilers. (He kinda makes Capt. Ernest look  like a football)

Anyway, it was a good topwater morning in a low tide dump area. Several fine fish were caught and Baron managed a 27" trout. Cody did well too and we've heard he's in a little trouble back home now for fishing too much. By the way, he's got a cool book out now, "OUT OF THE DARKNESS", an " homage to the splendor and beauty of Texas and beyond." Certainly worth a look for anyone who appreciates nature.

Here's a short clip of Capt. Ernest trying real hard to lie like a dog. He'll never learn how though. Can't do it.  Capt. Pinnochio.wmv