This is actually Ronnie Ross, whom I decided should have been named Ross Hammond instead. (Actually, the file folder was named "Ross_Hammond" because it had photos on it from both groups, so I can make up names if I want to.)

Here's another, actually better, picture of Ronnie Ross...

We apologize for the error...which also showed up in the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine.

Here's Ronnie E-mail

gas to port mansfield tx. $300

 fishing guide services $500

tip for guide $100

 misc expenses $250

having the bonehead guide publish the picture of you with your big fish on the website and in a magazine with the name Ross Hammond even though your name is Ronnie Ross    PRICELESS
Thanks again, I will be sure to tell all my friends that Mark McNutt is the best guide in port mansfield 

And here is preview of Ronnie as he will appear in the next issue of the magazine...and again, we certainly apologize for any inconvenience!

We'll go with Ronnie Floss this time...