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March 31st & April 1st

McBride:  (31st & 1st Nagy +FNG)

Video  FightIt.wmv  (25 megs)

Tricia (31st & 1st - Jim Dennett) Awaiting pictures from Jim. Tough 35 mph day but one big trout...

March 27th & 28th 

Tricia: (27th & 28th - Andres) 





March 24th - 26th 

McBride: (24th & 25th - Smokin' Dirk & gang)


Tricia:  (24th - Randy Jackson) Cold Blow-out Trip

Tricia:  (25th & 26th - John Moritz) Awaiting pictures from John. Big reds in ankle deep water. 

March 24th am update  2006

6:AM 45F, clear with N winds 20 & gusty. Water temps in the harbor have fallen from an average of 76 to 66 this AM. You guys coming down this weekend might start close to the ditch and then work your way shallower as conditions moderate. It all looks good for Saturday & Sunday, but beware, the town is packed with tournament people. Stampede is playing at El Jefe's Sat. night and that should make things even more interesting....

Report later. We're launching at 10am this morning.  

 March 22nd  2006

McBride:  22nd -Bobby & Frank   Recovery day after a norther. Strong ENE winds, heavy overcast skies with intermittent drizzle made this day blow. Bobby & Frank took a break from managing the L.E. Ramey Golf Course in Kingsville hoping to score well on the flats. It just didn't happen. We ran a total of almost 80 miles and fished hard until 5pm. Zero bite, and believe me, we tried it all. The only catches we could verify were a few small trout on corks &  shrimp. Every piece of water we hit was a lifeless, sterile void. The only bait we found all day was in far back waters and all of the fish we have been on simply vanished.   No reds and 4 trout. Nature doesn't give it up every day and this was one of them.  Good spirited guys and we'll have them back when conditions moderate. Today (the 23rd) calls for a Small Craft Advisory with N winds 25 and gusty with a 50% chance of rain. 

Update - March 20th  2006 

Fishing has been fun but tough here lately on the windy coast.  We've been messing up the reds pretty bad but a bigger trout bite has been spotty. Just think thigh deep potholes & little dime to nickel sized crabs &  tiny shrimp. Once you get bit...STOP!. Don't walk thru them. The reds are running in big bunches so stay put & hammer 'em. Floating Corkies, tails & spoons all working.  Get big blows on topwaters, but if you really want to catch 'em...drop down a bit. The Exude shrimp gets it done 4 to 1. Water is on the way up...Equinox today. Watch for patterns to change. Reds are also starting to work the sand. Topwaters more consistent soon. 

McBride:  17th-18th - Johnny Guevera party

 Video  JohnnyandtheStarfish.wmv  
(40 megs ; 4:55 minutes)

 March 14th,15th,16th  2006

Tricia:  14th & 15th - Ben Fielder's Girls, wife Robin & daughters Candace & Claire;  Capt. Tricia  had two days of terrible conditions to offer the girls, especially with what they had wanted to do. The had fly-fished in other waters and wanted to try conventional light tackle on the lower coast. Day one they worked hard; battling high winds and low bites but with high spirits. Day 2 was cut short due to natures wind fury and sore muscles from the day before. 

Tricia:  16th - Bob Wallace & daughter Emily.  Bob and his daughter were  a pleasure to fish. The man knows his being very active in helping us to keep what we have . ( Coastal Bend Bays Foundation).   We were hoping to try some Skinny Water wade fishing and sight casting but the lack of sun and high wind made it tough. We finally found some co-operative fish and got all of our reds drifting with tails. (Exude shrimp & paddle tails). We left them biting and called it early. Home by noon. 

McBride:  14th - off - (Article);  15th-16th - Hominga's Hoodlums.  Ritchey & Richard showed up in full character form. These guys have been there - done that, so they know when it's time to get serious and when it's time to just fun fish. The blown conditions  said 'fun' fish... so that we did. Day one was basically an Eco-tour getting them  more familiar with some work they 'assigned'  themselves  to do down here.  We burned up a lot of water and had fun counting fish in the clear skinny.  Saw a couple of large trout specimens high on the flats. Day two we fished. Below are a few pics & a video. Ritchey coined a new word...for us anyway.  "Cow Carp". We got rude with Exudes and busted 'em up, then we topped off the  evening with a meal fit for Kings.  El Jefe's served the fish we kept and Ritchey loaded up the rest of the table with shrimp & oysters...then he stuffed it with our party for the next two days.  There was no smack talking at that table...promise. Richard never said a word either.  Promise that too. If it gets any better than this I don't know what it is....except for some massive trout opportunity...which is coming soon to a theater near you. 

Videos Cow Carp.wmv

Update - March 14th  2006

It's been a very tough bite for everybody the past few days. Higher water and even higher winds have made finding good concentrations of fish challenging. When you do find them you'd better not waste any time because they'll move on you again. Best efforts have been way south and have been mostly reds with a few scattered trout. Add the full moon deal and everybody has been working hard.  Yesterday we had a break in the weather ahead of the norther. Conditions looked great and we found fish, but getting them to eat was a different story.  We had a small topwater bite early on 18 to 22" trout and a few reds on Corkies. Knee deep held the most activity. It's the typical Spring thing where fish are targeting very small shrimp and dime to nickel sized crabs. That is hard to compete with. Gold spoons are working in the deeper color changes, assuming they might represent little crabs.  Small topwaters are drawing more strikes than larger ones. Again, we threw those Exude shrimp and were able to catch fish where nothing else worked. That's about one step above throwing a croaker, but hey, it can save an otherwise tough day. More later, but here's a picture of yesterdays best fish.  Look for patterns to become more consistent soon. 

McBride:  (12th - John Trondle & the Survivors); Some of the PACK survivors from the Kayak trip a couple of weeks ago. They lived through another one. Details later. 

Tricia:  (12th & 13th - Jess Holt - No Show, no call, so see ya! 

March 10th 2006

Wow. What a difference a day makes. There are Spring Break people and boats everywhere. We even had a traffic jam at sun up. The awesome winter fishery of solitude and sows has officially gone to hell...for a week or two anyway.  I am off today and down with a plugged power head, (guessing from all the floating grass from yesterday) but Tricia and Danny are out there battling winds and boat wakes. We shall await their stories, and based on their crews, I'm sure they will have some for us. 

By the way, I got into trouble for posting the below update on the East Cut. Seems I revealed a sensitive, let's just change Billy Sandifer  to 'undisclosed informant' so nobody knows who it was.  

Report: TriciaEddie Zowacki party (2 boat trip with Danny Neu)  O.K. Tricia & the boys went south and struggled in strong winds. Three anglers had 20 trout and one red. Most fish were caught on Corkies. Danny went north early after big ones but was blown back south. I think they ended up with their reds and about 15 trout for 4 anglers. Tough day, but one of our clients (Ritchey Hominga) went to an area Tricia showed him the day before and whacked 'em. Several fish over 25" with a couple of break-offs & 2 landed over 27". They said it could have been real ugly if it had been a meat haul. Tails, color changes over deeper potholes near the ICW. Sometimes a guide should listen to herself lol. 

March 9th 2006

McBride:  March 9th - Charlie Free & son Joey day 2;  Sorry. No pictures or videos again today. The water came WAY up after the big blow and fish scattered everywhere. The winds swung 270 degrees, from hard south to SW to NW to N to NE to E. However, the water south was gorgeous south past Greens. Everything was getting way right until the Norther hit, then the bite just stopped and it never got going again.  We (or rather Joey) caught a handful of fat little trout to about 21" on a Corky on the edges of the ICW. We had some other fish but nothing to set the world on fire. It happens. Of all the great weather and fish we have enjoyed, these guys just drew a bad card. It's still all good though. 

TriciaMarch 9th - Richey Hominga:  Tricia had a little better luck on a wade just past us. They all had a few fish throwing paddle tails just before the Norther. Richey & Greg officially get the first wet wade award of the season. They proceeded farther south and found a few other reds on a color change. They cheated the day and docked at El Jefe's early for some cheap entertainment. 

March 8th 2006

McBride:  March 8th - Charlie Free & son Joey; Tropical Storm 'Charlie' visited us today. By noon we had sustained 38mph winds with gust to 48. We went anyway. I missed one LARGE trout early that swirled a Corky Fat Boy 3 feet from the rod tip. Scared the heck out of me, but by then we were just too blown so we went south.  We found plenty of water that held crystal clear even in those conditions. We also found fish. Saw some large trout laying up very shallow but it was mostly all reds. They would hit NOTHING....until we put on an Exude shrimp. I think we have a new bait here...matter of fact I know we do. More on that later~> (From what I saw today, probably much more on that later.) 

O.K. I just talked to Billy Sandifer. He is rather characteristically miffed about the Port Mansfield Jetty and East Cut issue, of which he has lobbied harder than any of us have. He met with the Feds, who basically said, "Oh by the way, your cut is NOT going to be dredged, and the only way it ever even might be considered is if the ENTIRE community lobbies in violent self defense directly on the Gov't. level."  Great, but do we really expect anything else? It's as if the political entities only real concern is votes, (duh) and this county has about enough to fill a small shoe box.  This impact on this is far reaching for everybody who loves a healthy Laguna besides good Gulf access, so any of you who might view the silting in and the Federal abandonment of the East Cut as a serious matter, well, you might want to take note. More on that later also. 

Another quick note:  Fishing is good folks. However, to save some time for those of you asking, we only have a very few days left in March. I have the 20th & 21st left open, but due to cancellations,  the 18th thru the 21st became available for Tricia.  Call soon if you have those dates in mind and we'll get you hooked up. Pun intended. J.D. has a few slots open as well, so if you want to just shut-up and fish hard he's your man. 

One more bit for a bite. There has been no boat traffic to speak of. Apart from today's blow, the Laguna is very clear overall. Water temps are near 75F! in the 'upper' lower Laguna. Fish are in most of the traditional places for Spring.  Forget the mud stuff unless you are just compelled to read embellishing entertainment. There is plenty of that out there, but there is also plenty of fish, so just use the old brain and do what makes sense. See y'all there.

March 7th 2006

Back in the water! Just a quick thank-you to everybody who came to the Holder Show. It wasn't real crowded, but the folks that did come were serious and first class. The Holder folks did a great job as always. It was a hoot as predicted, but it's time to get back to where we belong. 

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