January 31, 2010

Fishing got off to a great start right after the first of the year, then took a dive with the freezing weather of Jan. 7 -9. We saw very few dead fish but did see an unfortunate amount of dead or dying green bay turtles. No question the fish were driven to the bomb shelters. There is not a trout or redfish out there old enough to have experienced water this cold or for this long. They were fairly quick to recover, however, but overall patterns have changed from previous winters. Most fish should stay fairly close to where they were driven until the tides come back up in the spring. That should help isolate some of the ones we are looking for. All we need is for the weather to give us a shot. 

As far as water quality it has been hit & miss. A large dredging operation is still at work just outside of Port, and depending on winds, some areas can get mucked up from the slurried disposal. There are several new spoil banks in the works and are not well marked, so be careful when running in low light conditions. Also beware the barge piping as the marks are often obscured.

We've been catching some quality fish off of shorelines and depressions near deeper water. It's been mostly tails for most folks but the Corky guys are wrecking some damage. We haven't taken a lot of pictures lately but here's a few. We're buying some new & better cameras soon, so hopefully we can start saving some of these awesome memories more consistently. Looking forward to a bunch of y'all headed down in the next couple of weeks. Bring some firewood!

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