September 3, 20O9

We'll try to do better with reports this year, but in the meantime, (now that I have some time) here are some assorted shots that we never got around to posting. Most of these are from last fall & winter and in no particular order, but fall will soon be upon us so it might be fun to dream a little in advance. As hot as it's been it's nice to even look at some cooler water. 

The bottom line is that fishing has been awesome down here since about last September. Of course I wouldn't know that personally from the past couple of months. I'm still down from that stingray/vibrio episode back in May, but Capt Tricia has been out there most days and having some incredible trips even in this oppressive heat. I should be back on the water by late September though. 

Good stuff, enjoy, and just remember Life is a Trip!

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