Matt Watson on day three...the coolest part of the whole trip...

We were on the way back to where we had been and the water went to glass. Out of no where there were large wakes sliding off in all directions...all trout! They had finally come up to a warming shoreline and seemed to be everywhere.

We quickly slid out of the boat and fanned out. Capt. Tricia started sticking some good fish out deeper (on a Corky of all things, uncharacteristic for her but if she gains confidence in it she will whip us all), and Matt & walked together shallower.

I stuck a good one, Matt stuck a fat 25', then thumped this skinny thirty shortly thereafter. Coolest thing to see long trout in knee deep spooky water nailing Corkies.

We had the length this trip, with  14 over 25" and 7 over 7 lbs,  just not the weight. That should change soon. February is awesome.