Here's Charley, Johnny & Scott after their first wade. Many reds this day. We drifted until we started sticking them, then stuck the hook and got out of the boat. We drifted again later to top off the day and had a blast. Most were completely stuffed full of small crabs and we caught them on a variety of baits, all in thigh deep water over crunchy potholes. In periods where they weren't well eating the Exude shrimp pulled if off again. The trout bite was poor but the red  bulldozers gave us some great pulls.

The rest of the pictures didn't turn out so well, but just to show how still shots don't always capture the moment, see the little video JohnnyandtheStarfish.

I had to show off the below pic. These guys worked 4 weeks on these for Tricia & myself. Awesome exotic laminates and even cryro treated blades. J.D. also got a skinning knife and Mary Ann was blessed with a large kitchen weapon. How cool is that? Thanks guys for another great session of Laguna largeness.