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Port Mansfield Fishing Reports February 2006

February 25 2006 

McBride - Matt McNiel, Tony Branch  What a difference a day makes! Pre-frontal conditions. Water temps averaging 65F, mostly cloudy with light SE winds & scattered drizzle. Awesome day and we did it the cool way. Floating Corkies in less than shin deep water. These guys had wanted to fish the Baffin Bash but decided to come down here instead. Too bad they couldn't have done both. Matt had 5 fish over 25" plus some others with 2 of them at 27". They probably had 24 or more lbs. for their biggest  4 fish stringer. We didn't get pictures of all of them but I suppose we got enough. Anyway, the conditions were that spine-tingling stuff where you just knew it was right. Light winds, moving barometer, combined with a major feeding period going into a new moon. Throwing Corkies at wakes on the bank standing less than shin deep. Good stuff. The best bite was from about 10 till 1pm. 

Videos McNiel/Branch.wmv (18 megs)

  JD - Jim Dennett  Jim and JD had a good day today also. Jim had his personal best trout at 27" - 7lbs, plus another 24" a also big 23" male. He was using a D.O.A. shrimp and throwing at disturbances in thigh deep water on a color change. 

One interesting thing was that the 24" trout had developing egg sacks in her. JD said he had one last week that had eggs also, but we just haven't been putting a knife in any of these larger fish.'s Feb 25th!  Everett sent the picture below off to TPW to see if they could tell us how far along she was.  

Egg sacks in Feb?



  Tricia - Raul; (last minute cancel..too bad!)

February 24 2006 

McBride - Russell O'Riley/Leonard: Ice cream conditions and another tough day. We had a lot of fish in the area but had to pound it hard for any takers. We could see good fish while running but they just weren't doing their deal. Missed several...caught a few, but it was still all good. Always is if you're not in the office. 

 Tricia - Jon Riggs / Earnest Wolf:  We worked hard for these fish.  No wind, small bait hatch, and finesse was the name of the game.

February 22/23 2006 

McBride - Roy & Troy Nagy The brothers came down again to probe for some heavy weight. Yes, the past few weeks have produced several trophy class trout, and if they will play at all these guys will catch them.  We stayed till dark on day one trying to wait them out. They never fed that we saw and we had to cut it off early the next day. The anticipation was high and so was the potential, but we humans are just trespassers in the water and can only take what nature lends us. Ya just gotta play hard and hope. We did that, and it was enjoyable as always.   

February 21 2006 

McBride - Minnesota Jim    Awesome conditions. Carried a kayak out and set Jim adrift in a prime area. I had 2 girls from upstate, Heidi & Nancy, plus their friend Ron. Was charged with drift fishing. Didn't happen. No wind all morning.  No bite to speak of that we could find.  Just a few trout & reds to show for a days effort. Much better activity started happening late in the evening. Perhaps tomorrow as they fed very aggressively on the 20th. It's called fishing I guess, but we still all had fun.

February 19 2006 

Miserable high N winds, cold  & nasty drizzle. 

McBride- Andrew Kaisner plus  pick-up Pack group.   Weather cancel, but JD & I got the PACK guys in. John Bailey had been out there grinding and put two of the group in his boat on the way back. Thanks Beetle. Great stories from their camp session. Leaky tents, fires not hot enough to fry fish, etc...but the bottom line was that they all caught fish and made it in safe. Gotta respect these guys. We'll do that again. 

 Capt. Tricia - Bill & Harry Hietcamp & Gary Bankhead   (Weather cancel)

February 18 2006 

Total blow-out with a high of 53F, no sun, and high NNW winds.  Late morning, my and Tricia's group adjourned back to El Jefe for some coffee & eggs. Good stuff. Tricia's group decided this was just flat stupid, but I had to run the guys back to their campsite on the spoils. We decided to just go for it as it wasn't going to be anymore fun hunkered down in a tent. If it's time to be miserable let's be miserable in a boat. We made a long run and found a few reds. The fish were in there, hard to catch, but I did have one large trout wallow all over a Corky. After about 3 hrs, Jeff W said something about "hey McBride...what do you call your Mother's brother?" O.K. , we came on in, and rounding the corner I ran into 4 "wonder who those idiots are"  waders. It was JD's crew. They actually managed to catch a few fish by pounding Corkies in zero visibility water. JD had a 27 and his crew had a 26 and a couple of other respectable fish. Hat's off!

Capt. Tricia - Bill & Harry Hietcamp, Gary Bankhead

McBride- Jeff Wolfbangerhead & PACK crew

JD - Yarborough Group

February 17 2006 

Capt. Tricia had Frank Lerma & crew ready to go early this morning in pre-norther conditions. Light east winds and green water looked promising.  Meanwhile, I ferried a PACK group out in their Kayaks and helped them set up a 2 day camp. About 10am, while going to fetch Pack crew number 2, I stopped to give Tricia a ride back to her boat.   She already had all of their fish including one about 6.5# ( which I pulled up just in time to video.)  They came in with the norther about 12 noon.  It was all tails, mostly red & white, about crotch deep. A lot of smaller fish but steady action. No reds today. Some days the big ones feed, other times not, but these guys had a great session and the dock pelicans got fed well also. 

Anyway, the PACK guys are all safe and set up in a good area.  Camping for 2 nights and some of them 3.  I'll be picking up half of them at sunup tomorrow and try to 'extend' their adventure a bit. 

Videos Lerma 6.5 & Pack tow job

February 13 2006 

J.D. & I were both off today so we slipped out to check an area we had been looking at.  (Capt. Tricia drew hospital duty with son but all O.K. now) Anyway, we spent a couple of prime-time hours looking for larger fish, and indeed, we did catch a few, (or actually, J.D. caught several.)  There were plenty of redfish willing to play also, so we kept three of those for dinner & cut the trout loose. Pleasant afternoon. The bite is on guys. 


 J.D. Whitley 02_13_06.wmv

February 12 2006 

Post Front conditions. Dr. Ken Lutschg was coming Friday but was gracious enough to be bumped back to today. Excellent call! We ended up with (bear with me here!) a truly world class 'Skinny Water Adventure'.  (sorry, had to do that) Full moon stuff so we blew off launching early. Caught the major starting about 10am. We worked a knee to shin deep tidal dump area. Dump it did. Cows could graze on most of the flats. We hammered a bunch of good reds jerking Corkies around in muddy streaks and small depressions. One 28" 8lb. trout was caught in there with the reds.  By mid-afternoon it was time to go as conditions were getting right to finish up in another stretch of high opportunity. Don't know how big these things were but one hit 11 pounds or more.  Left boga grip in the other boat and all of these were all cut loose to grow bigger. Let's just say y'all messed up if you stayed home and mowed the yard. The videos should be self explanatory. 


Must see!


Copper Corky Trout. wmv (18 megs)



February 11 2006 

These boys knew a norther was coming before they left Houston. Their answer was simple. We're coming to fish. North winds at 25 rolled most of the Port Mansfield area into a muddy froth. We managed to find what we were looking for though, tough bite but do-able. I landed two good trout and John netted one right at 5#. For a while it looked like it was really going to happen, and it almost did for John. We missed several, but I managed to capture a heartbreak miss as the lure pulled from a great fish he had on. Hey, that's all you can do is get on them and fool them. The rest just happens! For one thing, you'll miss them all if you don't go...


Breakfast of Champions.wmv

Talk to the Hand.wmv


February 10 2006 

Pre-Norther conditions.  Sustained South winds near 30 with gust approaching 40 made the day interesting. It was all tail action until later in the day. John, Scott and Carl picked 'em off one by one in a  narrow green strip of thigh deep water. They worked hard and their perseverance ended up filling a 20# ice bag full of fillets. 

February 09 2006

  Fishing has been absolutely spectacular for two weeks now! Mostly way shallow, and despite what we 'may' hear, not on 'soft' bottoms but on pure hard pack.  Good topwater bite today. If y'all aren't fishing now..., well...don't know what to tell ya except GO!

More Cool pics and videos later...


soon!  need editing...

Great day...

other great coming pics too!


For the videos, be sure & "Right Click", "Save As", and then play after it's downloaded. Otherwise you will throw things at your screen. Some of these clips are rather large.


Hannan Reds.wmv   (15 megs, and a word about this one. The end shows what can happen in a split second.  Stone cold sober, responsible men. Stuff just happens. A near miss, and if we remember, this basically happened to Capt. Danny Neu. He wasn't quite so lucky though... broke his jaw among other things.  Patrick is nice enough to say "Y'all be careful out there". 

'Nother Day.wmv (39 megs) Just me, J.D. & Tricia out for a scout. 

Coming soon...

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