04-23-06 Update

Fishing is good folks. We're busy having fun doing it... but time is tight, so here are just a few assorted pictures & videos from the week.  Hope you enjoy some of them.

If you're not out in the water you need to be.



(13.59 megs)



(15.3 megs)


04-17-06 Update

Short & sweet here. The water is awesome. There are a lot of fish holding in the color changes near the ICW, but the crystal clear water also has a lot of life in it during higher winds. Yesterday they acted weird (typical after full moon stuff). There was a lot of activity showing on topwaters but it was hard to make them fully commit. Tails drew a lot of strikes also, but again, hard to get a hook in most. We did manage a nice 29" trout going exactly 8 lbs on the boga....Bone Shedog in about 3' of water. Walloped it. We are still seeing quite a few large trout on the flats proper among other places. Smaller reds, say in the 18 to 22" class, are still everywhere when they decide to move up shallow. We are also starting to see some more podding of better redfish. When the time is right (and idiot boat operators don't harass them), groups of 15 to 30 or so are having fun being the bulldozers they are.

Here's a pic from yesterday. Not very good quality, but the blow-up was first class. 


We're still trying to get the other recent pics & videos up, but hey...,if life is good it's usually busy~>   Agree? 

04-10-06 10am 

YES we are still behind.

In the meantime, the water is clear, fish are using the shallow flats, and  besides one heck of a good time, some good catches are happening. Small reds are everywhere, but you've got to work a little smarter to find the big mules. As far as trout goes, man...I think we're looking at another 1997. There are some beast out there. We're seeing more of them up skinny than anybody has seen in years.  They have been hard to catch, but as we get a little farther into spring they will become more patternable. However, some catches have already happened lately of absolute epic proportions. It hasn't been a consistent  topwater deal yet, except for those heart throbbing blows, so if you really want to catch them, dropping down with a silent worm is doing better. 

I only hope that some of the masses stumbling into these fish will practice a little responsible use. If we let a bunch of these 25 to 28's go, common sense says we'll have more 30's out there to keep our adrenaline up. Unfortunately, it's soon to be meat soaking time, and as always, many folks who have never fished before and may never fish again will be exposed to some of these trophies. Unfortunately they normally kill these fish because  - hey, they caught 'em. Understandable, but here's to you all of you sport fishermen out there who only need a picture and a memory for validation. Here's hoping you catch your personal best this year. ...and, at having a realistic chance of beating it next year and every year to come. 

In the meantime, here's a little water report from a fisher woman's perspective. 


Video Water Report.wmv

April 8th & 9th

McBride:  (8th & 9th-Ron Gipson) 


Tricia (8th-9th Larry Cis)  Tough conditions but great topwater trip. Unfortunately no camera


April 7th

McBride: (7th-John Barber

Video WhiteSoxTom.wmv  (12.1 Megs)

Tricia (7th-Robert Sanders) 

April 6th

 McBride:   (6th-Robert Sanders)  40 mph winds with gust to 50. We had fun anyway. 

March 31st & April 1st

McBride:  (31st & 1st Nagy +FNG)

Video  FightIt.wmv  (25 megs)

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