This fish wolloped a Bone Shedog on a color change in 3 feet of water. Her head came out of the water and  thrashed like a possessed piston. After several strong runs she ended up strapping exactly 29" and weighed exactly 8lbs. A little light from what we've been seeing but a good fish non-the-less.

If a fish like this is your best...and you think you'll NEVER catch one bigger, well sure, a mount might be an option (along with pictures and a replica of course).

However, sticking a knife in one this size to eat just doesn't make the best of sense in today's environment. There's plenty of other good 'eater fish' out there... and these are way too precious to stain a cleaning table with without a better reason.

Give this one a little more time she'll be a true trophy of over 30 inches. We gave her that time, so here's hoping you catch her next round.